About Us

We are family construction business based in Melbourne who focus on custom homes that enable to design and construct a home that’s uniquely yours, because you shouldn’t have to compromise your lifestyle to fit your home.

Hometec Industries was founded in 1985 Nick Di Iorio, mechanical engineer with a strong passion for construction and architectural drafting.

Today with 37 years of experience, the next generation of family are here to help Melburnians build their dream homes without compromise, we’ll help you build the perfect home for you and your family so you can create many happy memories for decades to come.

Our Focus

Too many builders take a cookie cuter approach to designing homes, everything looks the same, there is no creativity, no individuality and you don’t get a home that really meets your needs and lifestyle.

With experience also come results, we’ve not only built more than 4000 homes, we have also developed strong relationships with the most reliable tradespeople in the industry. This means highly skilled team working for you, reducing the chance of budget blowout and costly timeline delays.

Plus, our extensive network of suppliers opens up a wide range of luxury fixture and fittings to bring your vision to life. You’ll be able to build the prefect home you’ve always wanted, on time and inside your budget.


Our Professional Team

Nick Di Iorio

The Founder

Starting Hometec in 1985, Nick has driven the company from 0 to 250+ homes per annum in the late 90’s, adapted to evolving changes within the Building Industry in past 3 decades and still contributes a wealth of knowledge to the Hometec Team, to this very day. Nick paved the way for the next generation for what Hometec has become today.

Dwayne Doig

The Construction Backbone.

From being one off Victoria’s rising cricket talents and having been an ex-chippy, Dwayne has the perfect understanding on what it takes to deliver and curve those walls to perfection, just as he used to take out his wickets. A member of the Hometec family for 12+ years, Dwayne is the backbone of our construction team.

Hayley Bennett

The perfect self-starter, who joined Hometec 12 years ago.

Committed to providing the complete service, Hayley has a strong construction back ground and amazing product knowledge to guide her clients in every step of the construction journey.

Gloria Velasquez

The technical go to person.

Gloria has been with Hometec family for 4 years, prior to joining, she worked as an Architectural Draftsperson and for a Building Certification company, therefore, having a great understanding in Design and Certification.

Peter Di Iorio

Representing the Family.

Joining the family business in 1995, Peter has developed a passion for Custom Projects, with a back ground in Building Design and Interior Design, Peter has the knowledge when it comes to Design and Construct.